Rehoboth Beach Family Session | Rosenlund Family

I met the Rosenlund Family one summer evening at Rehoboth Beach for their family session. This family was so much fun and very relaxed and just made my job super easy! The kids were full of energy and over all I think everyone just had a genuinly good time! Including me! These beach sessions have been a highlight this summer! There is something about walking on the beach in the evening that just does something to my heart. :) Rosenlund Family, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet and photograph your lovely family. Enjoy some of my favorites! rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0001 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0002 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0003 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0004 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0005 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0006 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0007 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0008 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0009 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0010 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0011 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0012 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0013 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0014 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0015 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0016 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0017 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0018 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0019 rosenlund-family-rehobothbeach_0020

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