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I have a special place in my heart for newly married couples and the first child. Whitney and Anthony were no exception with their ADORABLE son Zeke. I had so much fun photographing them, and also trying to get baby Zeke to smile was fun too! This family is the sweetest and I am so glad I had the opportunity to photograph them. :) Enjoy some of my favorites! delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0001 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0002 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0003 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0004 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0005 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0006 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0007 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0008 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0009 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0010 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0011 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0012 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0013 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0015 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0016 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0017 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0018 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0019 delaware-familyphotographer-blairspond_0020

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Very precious mum dad and baby, so sweet.
You have the ability Heather to catch the perfect moment to make the picture “perfect” Wishing you the very best in your profession xxx

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