Cape Henlopen Senior Session | Angela | Class of 2016

One gorgeous summer evening, I met with Angela at Cape Henlopen State Park for her Highschool Senior session. Angela is my cousin-in-law and of course photographing family is always fun! :) We had so much fun “darting” around from one side of the park, to the other. There are so many place to photograph at Cape Henlopen, and so much beautiful nature, that make my heart happy! :) We ended the night on the beach, which is one of Angela’s favorite places. How can you blame her! Its so beautiful at night, and its one of my favorite places to be too! Congratulations Angela! Enjoy your senior year! capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0001 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0002 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0003 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0004 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0005 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0006 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0007 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0008 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0009 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0010 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0011 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0012 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0013 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0014 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0015 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0016 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0017 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0018 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0019 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0020 capehenlopen-highschoolsenior-angela_0021

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